Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thanks heaps Anonymous... but I don't need any Viagara

Yep although I haven't had much post action, Anonymous obviously missed me & has been bombarding my comments sections daily with offers of cheap drugs for everything from sexual disfunction to penis enlargements... UGGH... IT GOES STRAIGHT TO SPAM... doofus :/ don't make me buy a gun license & come find you!!!

OK... the winner from my last post (yep I barely remember the event either) of an original canvas "Dolly & Me" is (offer up thanks & chocolate treats to Mr Randomiser) because Carmen Esposito he picked YOU!!!! OK, I'm on hols, so when I get back to Virtual reality I promise to send your prize & haunt your posts again, if anyone has written me in the past 2 weeks I have not been able to access my email accounts (yes I tried everything short of hitting the computer screen with a cricket bat), so I am not ignoring anyone, just access challenged :( I still love you :)

I have access to a computer this morning & I HAVE to post, WHY, I hear you ask, you haven't freakin' bothered for so long & we basically forgot you existed anyway... well, because I believe in true love, & Magaly sent out a request to join in celebrating our 'other' half, how we met the person who we melded with to form the complete beast that evolved from this cosmic event... :)
Well, it was late 88, and someone who was my complete opposite walked into my life, he wrote (I draw), he surfs (I lounge on a banana chair in the shade), he's blond & tanned, I'm brunette & white, he's outdoors & I'm in, he (yep) slim, I (yep) curvacious ... he had 5 tiny plaits & wore gridiron pants & mid-drift tops, he introduced me to Wrestlemania on our first date and I found out about Ravishing Rick Rude, Macho Man & and Jessie 'the Body' Ventura... I introduced him to Horse Racing, casinos & bad cooking...
This was a drawing I did of us early 89... I believe with Fraser (the 'Big F' as I affectionately call him) I instantly knew he was my partner, others I had dated bored me (do I sound like a wanker saying that?) but it's like there was no 'magic' I was in my mid 20's & the Big F in his early 20's when we met, he was well traveled (2 years living working in Europe) & had been in a long term relationship, I had been as far as Fiji (won a trip in a raffle) and my longest relationship was 3 months (almost), I really knew one day I would meet a person who completed me, and when I met the Big F, I knew this was him, it was electricity, yes, it was 'magic'...
Sometimes I didn't know where he ended & I began...
We worked together & danced on tabletops, we loved, fought, and bought 2 beautiful babes into our world, we have evolved from 2 singles into a family, and we still belief in magic.


Magaly Guerrero said...

I knew I liked Big F for a reason, I thought that it was just because I loved you so much and he makes you so happy, but it was definitely the wrestling. When I was growing up I got in trouble more than once for imitating Rick Rude. It was hilarious!

You sound perfect for each other, and I totally get the bit about knowing he was the one because he didn't bore you. I'm the same way. My Piano Man completes me, understands my nerdy jokes and I his, and I'm enjoying all this being ONE an whole lot.

I love the drawings! The curves! And the melted together... purrrfect ;-)

So good to hear from you. I MISSED YOU!

Magaly Guerrero said...

P.S. Are you sure you don't need any penis enlargement spells? I get enough offers to stiff up an entire army of 90-year-olds.

Maybe I should thanks anonymous, too lol

Linda Wildenstein said...

Not counting the penis enlargement and Viagra bits.....I love your story, your life, your love. It was truly meant to be and magickal. And I liked the real part....magic is not always perfect, yes????
Oma Linda

Gina said...

Twas like reading my own life...except he's the brunette and I was the blonde :D They say opposites attract...guess we get to keep the universe in balance :D
Love the images you made :D XXX

Jan said...

Shelle, everytime you "come home to blogland", you put a big smile on my face and actually make me LOL!!!

I'll always "luv ya" and I always will!

Love your true love story...ah, the powers that be. How they know who to bring into our lives I'll never be able to figure it out :)

Great Big Hugs,

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Shelle, love you, miss you! I love the story of you and Big F ;o) Truly magical ;o) The pictures you drew are beautiful! Take Care ;o) xoxox

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Awww...sweet story of you and Big F--really liked the drawings too.

Donna said...

Beautiful love story. Really really nice.

Toriz said...

Beautiful love story; thanks for sharing!

IrelandBrady said...

OH Boy have I missed you! Glad you are OK and doing fine!

Love your "Love" story, it is really heart touching!

Your two drawings are amazing ... they see to reflect your feelings of love and completeness between the two of you!

Happy Day!

Natasha said...

My love is my opposite as well, but he sets my heart aflutter every single day...except when he drives me crazy...but even then he can look at me and give me goosebumps and make me smile.

I never wanted to get married until I met him and couldn't imagine a better father for our children. He is a slim jim and I am "curvy" as well.

Our differences balance out the partnership I think. I am the emotive heart of us and he is the logical brain. Perfectly magic for us.

Your story is beautiful. And I love the drawing from 1989, and the painting. The painting took my breath away.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love your title. I get those morons too. Congratulations to Carmen! YAY!!!

Oh, I love the drawing you did of the Big F and yourself. It is magical, tender and filled with beautiful attraction. It's the opposites that make the most complimentary pairs. Dan and I are complete opposites as well and we seem to meld our strengths and weaknesses to create a whole.

I have missed you dearly, Shelle and just want you to know it sincerely put a huge smile on my face to "see" you. Hugs and many kisses to you.

PS - You didn't sound like a wanker. My sister once dated a guy that she said she had to stop seeing before she had to kill him in self defense because he was literally boring her to death. ;-)

Carmen Esposito said...

I loved your story and the drawings! That was perfect. I'm divorced. My ex-husband is the opposite of me. I'm short, he's tall. I'm Latina, he's Italian. I'm skinny and he's fat. I grew up and he stayed a little boy. Maybe not soulmates after all.

I'm so excited to have won! Yay! Thank you so much. I love your art!

NatashaMay said...

This is so sweet to read. :) And fantastic artwork to look at. :)