Monday, September 21, 2015

29 Faces in September... Days 12, 13, 14, 15

It was a long week, I hadn't won Lotto (AGAIN) & sat chained to my computer slowly churning out job after job that 'almost' pays bills, eating too much bread & cheese, and because I realised I 'should', throwing myself on my old rusted treadmill that seems to groan more than I, each time I step on her, wondering if her loud high pitched 'squeals' as I start her up are mistaken for early morning lovers by people who are walking their dogs on the road below, I get ready to start the day... TV remote control in hand to get my fix of vomit worthy political back-stabbing or back-slapping news depending on the previous days events, Ipad perched between 'calories lost' & 'kilometres walked', so I can access other entertainment & check Facebook updates, my phone within reach atop a pile of washing (reminiscent of the empire state building) in the laundry basket beside me, switched on incase my girls ring, or there has been a shark attack at the local beach where Big F goes surfing each day... I take a big breath, realise I am exhausted already, but made it right through to Friday afternoon before THIS happened...
 Big F had realised that it was FRIDAY, it was after 5pm & we had nothing (as in vino) to have with our traditional 'Friday Night Cheese-plate, Downloaded (of course it's NOT a pirate) Movie & Wine Night'... It was fast, it was stupid it was a BIG F-up. He raced downstairs, jumped in the car (we live on the side of a hill with a driveway so steep it could be classed as vertical) whipped it into reverse, realised he should grab his glasses to read wine labels, jumped out & the car took off through 2 trees, across the neighbours property & did a spectacular (think Russian Olympic gymnast) double flip & perfect side landing on the street below.

I raced out onto our deck in time to see Big F running down the driveway after it, nimbly jumping what was left of the native trees waving his hands like he was some F-ing wizard that would be able to freeze the car before it landed, smashing panels, windshield, ripping exhaust pipe, & mudguards off on the way.

Now for the Faces, getting there, s l o w l y (unlike the sad & costly descent of the Jackaroo)...
Day 12 - Dog Boy

Day 13 - Dream On

Day 14 - Cry Me a River

Day 15 - Yesterday's News

Still plugging away at the 29 Faces in September Challenge thanks again to Martha at AyalaArt for hosting the marathon, and now if you excuse me, I need to go walk to the shops to get some bread ;)

Monday, September 14, 2015

29 Faces in September - Day 10, Day 11

Sorry, (if you hate politics or LOVE PM Abbott, skip down to next paragraph) OK... those left, well I warned you... I am sooo listening to politics same time as writing this post, distracted (SORRY) the man who laughed heartedly at the joke of having water lapping at the doors and wiping out our neighbours on the Pacific Islands (because his lack of action on climate change seems to be assisting this outcome) has been challenged for leadership, front stabbing, not back stabbed by one of his own ministers... OK exciting times in politics in Australia, PM Tony Abbott had way too many nasty captain's calls & kicking the Aussie people in the guts, crippling families with job cuts, unemployment sky-rocketing, almost doubling deficit in 2 years, bringing back knighthoods, cuts to services, pensions, cutting shelters while domestic violence out of control & women dying & countless abused every week as they are turned away, saying the indigenous make a 'lifestyle' choice by staying on their ancestral land & that gives the government a right to cut them off from roads, supplies, support, trying to privatise higher education so only the wealthy will see their children get opportunities it can bring, bombing Syria when a few weeks ago they couldn't drop food for refuges because they said terrorists may be there & take it (so unaware of civilians whereabouts), a xenophobe, homophobe, misogynist selling out Australia to be pillaged & mined by big foreign corporations, handing out 457 visas, so any jobs irregardless of an Australians qualifications or training will now be handed to foreign workers... having his daughter sit in a Sydney harbour-side tax-payer funded mansion paying $250 a week when it is more likely to be rented at $7000 a week on the open market...

ANYWAY... although Australia has been buggered by a monarchist with dubious papers to even be PM (that is a whole other story, as well as him munching raw onions with skin on) Australia is a pretty cool place (we ain't fond of politicians though)... This morning after I dropped off my babe Memphis at our nearest train station (half hour away at Nambour) for her trek back to university, I drove through the beautiful cane fields & dropped by our beach & watched Big F get a few waves.
Then I went on back to the driftwood palace...

& did some early morning catch-up for 29 Faces in September...
Day 10 - Alone (in sketchbook with acrylics)

& Day 11 - In the Pink

Well, look, sorry about the politics, but I believe all people should get a 'fair go' regardless of wealth, I believe we need to look after our earth so there are resources for our children, and look after our old who have paid taxes all their life, and our sick, our homeless, indigenous that have shared this amazing land with 'new' Australians, I believe in supporting the retrenched until find employment... and I believe money may buy the best houses (& that's ok) but all deserve the opportunity of a good education, as intelligence & talent ain't reserved for those that are born with the richest parents ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

29 Faces in September - Day 8, Day 9

Day 8 - Breathless
Day 8 - I asked my Big F what face I should do... he said 'underwater', when I asked my babe Memphis visiting home this weekend (also doing the 29 Faces Challenge, but pesky university essays taking up bulk chunks of drawing time) what I should call this, she said 'gulp' which I hope means it has captured the 'underwater' feel ;) so still on that path, but thinking 'breathless' as final title for Day 8... Limited Palette again - Banana Leaf green & Cyan (with carbon black & white) acrylic in my sketchbook.

Day 8 - Ethan
Ethan is a character from a HUGE tale, he is 14 years old with a mega back story, the story may one day be a manga/anime/card game (it should be) & I have been privvy to it's birth and development & often found myself sketching/painting one of babe Memphis' creations in a style half way between manga & well, god know what... and as I picked up my pencil today, I wanted to try something using my pastels, I now am covered in pastel powder, those little suckers spread pigment dust like nothing else, next time I use them I will not wear black ;)

Friday, September 11, 2015

29 Faces (well 6 & 7 from a slacker) & WOOHOO it's P.P-FRIDAY

Joining for a record SECOND TIME this month (call the Guinness Book of Records)... I am posting in Paint Party Friday (with the sweeties Eva & Kristin as hosting) which ALSO overlaps with my still in, but puffing & falling swiftly behind like a 3 legged racehorse in the Melbourne Cup, the AWESOME '29 Faces in September' Challenge... hosted by the ever energetic Martha (AyalaArt)... My sweetie Memphis (MangaMem) is also in the Challenge & texts me in-between lectures at uni while standing inline at the Dumpling House with touching mother daughter texts such as "DO A FACE..."
Mmmm, short & sweet ;) So yes 2 more below, & Memphis is home for the weekend, so expect MORE Faces from yours truly as she takes time out from her essay writing to force me to my art desk to catch up (if only I wasn't so easily distracted), & don't forget, not too late to join 29 Faces, all levels welcome!

Day 6 "Pretty in Pink"

Day 7 "Deer Me"
MangaMem suggested a limited palette & I loved working with black, white, emerald green & a beige...

...there was to be a small bird perched nibbling at a spider in it's web spun on sprouted horns, but it remains the ghost of an idea, just pencil whispers remain.
Thanks for dropping by & let's have a creative weekend all!

Monday, September 7, 2015

29 Faces in September... 4 & 5

Crappola, is it possible to fall behind so quickly(?) yeah, sure is, but still having fun & going to blame celebrating Father's Day with my babes and way too much YumCha in BrisVegas as my excuse ;)
Day 4 & Day 5 are both in charcoal & white gesso on ripped/pasted/embossed papers with Day 5 getting a splash of blood red acrylic.
Day 4 'Before'

Day 5 'Gaijin Geisha'

Friday, September 4, 2015

29 Faces in September & PPF!

Day 3
'Glamour Puss' following hot on the tail (insert weak pun here) of yesterday's post ;) Thinking I'll turn to pencil/charcoal next (sans animal accessories)... change is as good as a weekend ;)
Speaking of which... Also joining my much missed & always inspirational Paint Party Friday (with the sweeties Eva & Kristin as hosts) combining the 2 challenges because there may be some babes at PPF who want to join Martha (AyalaArt) who is hosting '29 Faces in September'... this is an awesome blog month for those who like to explore noses & what surround them hehe, all mediums & levels are welcome, and the idea is to do 1 face each day, challenge yourself & have some FUN along with a bunch of awesome dudes pushing pencils & boundaries :) Thanks muchly for dropping by & hope to catch ya over the weekend ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

29 Faces in September - Day 2

Well, I started another Day 2 face, then we sorta fell out... truthfully, we quickly were not on speaking terms, so I went back to another I had been sorta playing with...
Explanation... when enthused & left-over paint still pooled on my alfoil, rather than toss I try to use it priming a surface, along with ripped sections from vintage magazines combining with chucking on some textured or origami papers, & then leave them for another day (or another year)... Anyway, sometimes pulling one of these boards out can spark an idea ;) There is a rat-sack logo plastered and lurking behind the paint on this canvas... hence face, and addition of one of mother natures own rodent catchers. But, now I'm thinking this one may be using mind control to catch it's prey ;)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

29 Days in September

Day 1...
I will post more but need to do this NOW... Thank you Martha... thank you Memphis... but for now, I made it, & really hope you all join in this fun, 29 Faces, have a go, all levels & mediums accepted & appreciated :) hosted with love & patience by AyalaArt :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Thanks to Oma for yet again hosting this OZtravaganza!

I am running late with my post (I shall blame it on camera gremlins rather than my complete inability to handle my schedule and forgetting the intricacies of how to do a 'post')... 

'Shadow of Oz' was a difficult one, I wrestled with everything, how can something under the glow of a rainbow, something that has given so much joy also have a 'dark' side... I looked up the 'scandals' that lurked around the other side of the rainbow, mostly involving oversexed & under 4 foot extras, fallen monkeys hospitalised for heat exhaustion, poisoned tin men, scarred scarecrows and the drunken munchkins that needed rescued from toilet bowls because they were supposed to be on set.

I don't even know if it's true, but it struck me that the 'Shadow of Oz' was actually a part of the Wizard of Oz's extended life, the books exploded into a cosmos of film, fan fiction, art, dolls... 'rumours' you name it... so I guess these are the 'Shadow' of Oz, and now here are 2 things I will add to that shadow... both are give aways, the painting of the 'Shadowy' Flying monkey, who really only wants to please, & a pin of the sweet Dorothy & Toto :)

If you wish to be in the draw for the giveaways please let me below know how big an OZ fan you are below & I will ask Oma to pick the 2 winners from my comments section (please Oma, I am a Libran and it is impossible for me to choose)!

Sorry I am late in posting hope to see you all on the weekend!

Monday, February 2, 2015

29 Faces - Feb 2015

I have been lured back to posting (how I've missed you my blog, that bright illuminous space you offer me to fill... I promise not to leave you for months again, tardiness is NOT my word for 2015)... Oh yeah, sorry I was distracted by an old friend, anyways I have been 'lured' (hook, line & sinker) by the Arrival of the awesome face off that is known Blogwide as the 29 Faces Feb 2015 Challenge managed with love (& massive energy input) by Martha at Ayala Art who is a creative tornado and has so much enthusiasm she has inspired my babe MangaMem who, in turn who has thrown down the gauntlet to me to 'face-up' EVERYDAY right here, with a new face (I think it's because I am much calmer when I draw and as Memmy is on uni break makes sense she doesn't want a raving loony mother 24/7... at least until her Uni semester starts ;)

So, Look forward to seeing you all, being inspired and thrilled and meeting a whole bunch of Challengers, take care & LET'S GO!!!

Day 1 - Charcoal & white gesso in one of my found visual diaries I had yet to make a mark in... felt good ;)

Catch ya soon dudes.

Crap, it's been a while & so wanted to post daily :/

OK, firstly, thank you for your patience! I am travelling around blogland to visit & be inspired by all the 29 Faces dudettes, but I'm afraid I've fallen short (but will finally get to the 29) faces, and really (really) appreciate all the comments, sorry (I really could go into the reasons why this month (actually the last 2 as well) became overload central, but I know you all have a million things on your plate too, so I will just add Days 2-16 & say how much again I appreciate that Martha (and you all) put up with me! Special thanks goes to my conscience and for all the prodding, my babe Memphis (love you sweetness).

Day 2 Pen (biro) 

Day 3 Spray paint, charcoal & acrylic

Day 4 - Sharpie & watercolour 

 Day 5 Coloured pencil & pastel

 Day 6 Acrylic

Day 7 Crayon & paint

Day 8-Mixed Media (on tissue)

 Day 9 Acrylic

 Day 10 Pastel on recycled board

Day 11 Spray paint BG & fingerpainting

Day 12, painting with white gouache & stick from garden on black BG 

Day 13 Ink

Day 14 Mixed Media 

Day 15 (realised so far from from goal of 29 Faces) charcoal & acrylic 

Take care & will keep on posting until complete, catch ya soon x

Friday, May 30, 2014

Monster Mayhem and Madness...

It's what happens when a drop bear hits you out of the blue when you are walking through Noosa National Park... not those cuddly koalas, they are cool bananas, 'drop bears'... at a distance they seem just like your sweet little drugged up regular furball tripping on eucalypt leaves (aka - 'common koala') but don't be fooled, these are savage, & drop from the branches above as you walk in the coastal rainforests of Oz... and go straight for the jugular!!

Now everyman & his dog knows Australia is chocka with real live monsters, created by Mother Nature (bless her little green heart) some sort of cosmic joke she could play on unsuspecting tourists as they trekked through our great land, standing in awe saying things like..."hey it's freakin' hot & look how awesome that surf looks, let's go for a dip" alas... great white pointer sharks & deadly box jellyfish in wait that's IF the blue ringed octopus doesn't get you beforehand wading through the ocean rockpools to get there...


Monsters from the prehistoric era... yep... still lurk in Oz.
Agree, it can be dangerous on the coast... so lets head inland, mmm... 'a nice picnic by the creek would be fun'... apparently the last uttered words before an 18 foot monster (crocodile) silently glided over the terrain, grabbed the unsuspecting tourist in it's jaws and death rolled it's dinner into the muddy waters.

Of course no fair dinkum Aussie hasn't a tale to tell about our 'garden variety' monsters, from redbacks on the toilet seats to freaking funnel-web spiders in our shoes (we always bash our shoes against a wall before we put them on our feet) those buggers waiting full of deadly poison, like a vampire does for human blood, their deadly fangs exposed. As kid's we'd find them on the bottom of the backyard pool an air-bubble trapped between their legs that'd keep them alive until they could 'latch' onto a swimmer, also found also under rocks in the garden, on curtains in the bathroom... forget Norman Bates, these monsters are just as deadly, thank goodness the ticks in the garden don't kill (actually that is not true :( children & pets if treatment is not sought asap)

Wow, I haven't got to the kangaroos that disembowel those that get too close, dingos that really do take babies, the bull sharks that are breeding at a faster rate than imagined especially in the exclusive Gold Coast estate canals, Gropers (not Rolf Harris, the fish variety), Cone Shells (never EVER pick up that beautiful shell unless you know it's inhabitant is dead), reef stonefish (ugly killer, looks like a rock)... until the shooting pain of poison entering the nervous system hits when you step on it, common death adders, black snakes, brown snakes (soz we kill those monsters, but pythons are fine & we are cool with had a couple in the house), taipans, tiger sharks and even Aussie honey bees... but only if you are allergic to them.

So Oz MONSTERS, so many fictional ('drop bears' & didn't get to the Yowie or bunyips which has no real documented evidence to prove yay or nay either way) but the rest of these monsters here (and even more - Tasmanian devil & Flying Foxes) all those monsters... 
R E A L!

OK well I have gone on a bit, but I want to share a piece of my artwork, I saw what I felt was an inspired artist (well that list is longer than Aussie monsters) but this was done after viewing her work and seeing a tutorial on Community Thrive, the babes name is Mitsi B and I loved the way she does one eye open & one shut... and I think that is how we get to live with monsters, one always watching & one always trying to block out the dangers...

Anyway, this is 'Madonna & the Flowers' I painted on some pine wood my Big F got from Bunnings.
You see their are real monsters all around, problem is recognising them, and protecting those you love & keeping them safe.

OK, I am adding more to this post, but gotta go to bed, I'll be back & announce the winners of artwork from my last post (a million years ago), but too tired to go to Mr Randomiser now.... and to all who drop by, thank you, missed you, & look forward to visiting everyone on the weekend... YAY WEEKEND!!!! Thanks to the awesomest hosts Little Gothic Horror, Annie Walls and Something wicKED this Way Comes
who have given me LOT'S of monstrous fun creating a post & talented dudes to visit (when I wake up) this weekend ;)

Friday, March 21, 2014

GATE-CRASHING Oma's 'Hue's of Oz' Party... yep, you heard, kicking down that door...

OK, this may seem a little strange, but one of my favourite people in blogdom is having a party today, and like others I was given a perfectly sparkly invite, so yep, dusted off my sidebar & showed my allegiance and told others 'see ya there dude' I gussied myself up, checked who else was going, plucked my eyebrows, chucked on a bit of lippy & dark eyeliner (twice, I stuffed my eyeliner totally first try) you see I don't get asked out often, so when Oma says 'Let's Party' well I must admit, I get excited, I don't even eat that day, well maybe a nibble on a little dry wholemeal toast, but, as to S Q U E E Z E into my black wiggle dress, ebony net stockings & dark as coal killer stilettos mmm, well a dude (in this case a dudette) has to give up something (not just food to get in that dress, actually I am giving up a canvas to a random winner who leaves a comment below) YES that's how much I want/NEED to sip rainbow cocktails in the land of Oz with all the people that actually ANSWERED their invites...

So... enjoying 'colourful' conversation and being tickled pink by mingling with the tantalising tit bits (sorry, does that sound rude?) that party goers will generously show & share, along with grabbing a sausage or two on my way around after downing a Orange Gin Fizz & Lime Mojito, mmmm so many colours... Well, let's just make believe (it is Oz after all) that I accepted the invite (I MEANT TOO) and just didn't rudely bash down that door or split the butt of my wiggle dress climbing through the window (I KNEW I shouldn't have nibbled that toast... OK? I BOUGHT PRESENTS, COME ONNNNN! and BTW... fave colour, well, that may have to be black, the one that absorbs all those others (whether in cocktail form or not)!

ALSO... Mr Randomiser reached his long slender hand into all the names that commented on my post for Holly's Vampire Soiree & came out with (queue disco music please) EMMA from Little Gothic Horrors! Congrats girl!

Now to add some Oma the Rainbow colour to my post ;) & will be seeing 'HUE' (yeah it's a crap pun but what the hell) over the weekend, and please, let me in!

Feeling Blue - Dorothy & Toto

Tickled Pink - Glinda

A Little Green - The Wicked Witch of the West
See you soon & leave a comment to go in the draw! Now I'm off... off to see the... come onnnnnn LOUD & PROUD... SING IT :)