Saturday, April 23, 2016

Use your Big words if possible...

I often have a problem with 'words' not only am I extremely 'spelling' challenged, my pronounciation (frag I spelt that wrong) often sees me using small words (like you guessed it... those of the 4 letter variety)... anyway... I have been language deserted of late, and it has kept me from partaking to the max in my Wicked darlin' Magaly's Dark Poetry extravaganza... then I remembered something, a 'loophole' if you like... Ms Wicked stated us verbally inadequate (& Chihuahua tamers) could "create art based on the prompts, just add a bit of poetry to it"... sooooo, I am just going to 'wing it' and throw in some prompt related art... and think of a poetic word or two on the fly... soz in advance, but in catchup mode...

Idiots Herding the Blind...

Blind fools that seek knowledge what lipliner a Kardasian wears yet no interest in politics, seduced & gullible, empty headed they hand their children and earth as fodder to the elite to use in wealth creation for those born for greater things... all the while watching reality TV pumped out by media barons, with delusions that they to can have it all, the good life, equality, if only, if only they get that lipliner. 
Stupid majority emptiness fed
While overseers bleed them... dead.

The Poesy of Side Effects

Swallow it, you can sleep, smile, fly
Swallow it, you can change, or die.

Let's Haibun her a tale
Well a poetic image response to a visual prompt...
Eyes half closed, memories of past and vision of now, madonna's fleshy cage, protector of bouquets releases her seeds.

Of Peculiar Fun & Me.  
I entertain myself, inside my head, 
I visit the night creatures, sometimes with dread
Nothing's impossible, it's peculiar fun
and keeps me indoors out of the sun.

Legendary Beings in Love
Fell in love, my beautiful Kong
your lover left you, without a so long.

On her Day Gaia Wails
Well, this artwork I did a few years ago... I called it "Who will sing for the Children" & I would like to share it for Day 10 with a few words from the point of view from Gaia... 

I gave you paradise & you fu@ked it all.

Guess Gaia resorts to small words too ;)
Thanks for visiting dudes and please check out the inspired posts of the talented participants taking part in the 'Dark Poetry' extravaganza  ;)


Magaly Guerrero said...

Idiots Herding the Blind – Blind and drowned in their own bloody stupidity. I couldn’t agree more. Love the big-eyed alien looking crowd.

The Poesy of Side Effects – That’s a very scary pink pill. I shall not swallow it. No, I won’t!

Let’s Haibun Her a tale – The look on her face makes you want to squint and look into her thoughts. But I guess the fact that we can see into her chest gives us all kinds of idea about her mind. Wow.

Of Peculiar Fun & Me – I shall never think of picking one’s brain in the same way ever again.

Legendary Beings in Love – Those soulful eyes! You can see his loss all the way into his heart.

On her Day Gaia Wails – When so many people have done you wrong, big words sometimes fail. We’ve all been there… Guess our Gaia is no exception.

This was fantastic Shelle. Just fantastic! ♥♥♥

Debra She Who Seeks said...

These are all so wonderful! Glad you remembered Magaly's "loophole."

~Rasz~ said...

Your artwork and your words are GREAT!!!! AWESOME!!!! I love the octopus sticking his tentacles in his holes, haha! Now that is some great fun. I think the girl you painted is perfect for Mother Earth. I love how she is holding a bird too. Your words, perfect, as we can all read thru the markings. The pills are great, the idiots herding the blind was fantastic. And poor Kong, he's alone yet still cute! Honestly Shelle, not only are you an amazing artist, you are also great at words. I know there were more than just four letter words out there. What a fantastic post! Hugs, Rasz

De said...

You work is gorgeous. Sketches, words, ALL.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

WOW!! Such gorgeous work here :D feast for the eyes and soul!

Lots of love,

Rommy said...

I am in love with all these amazing pieces -art work and words. I'm especially chilled by your response to Idiots Lead By the Blind - holy hells, that is wonderful!

Gina said...

Absolutely awesome collection of images...and you even managed some serious wordiness....*lipliner is quite a long word too* :D XXX

Sharon Rawson said...

Shelle, you are such a gem! What a great collection! I really, really, really liked the Kardashian poem and picture! Keep using your small words! You use them so effectively!

Magic Love Crow said...

You are AMAZING!!! Your words, your images! WOW! You are so talented! You are so you! I love you girl! And, I LOVE all of these! I should have created some images too! Still sick, but I might try! Big Hugs!

Khaya Ronkainen said...

Wow, super talented Shelle! Your artwork is outstanding and I love your take on the themes:
Idiots Herding the Blind - image says it all and best depiction by far.
Let's Haibun her a tale - "Madonna's flesh cage, protector of bouquets..." most beautiful.
On her Day, Gaia Wails - Yep, you're spot on. We've flunked her!
Peculiar Fun - "...keeps me indoors out of the sun" and look at how lovely keeping indoors translates!
Really enjoyed all these, sterling work :-)

Winter Moon said...

I love your work, it's both intriguing and inspiring! xx

Simona C. said...

You expressed Idiots herding the blind perfectly. The same is happening in Italy... it's so sad.
Your art is always powerful. <3

Bohemian said...

Loved your Poetry and Artwork, so profound, no big words necessary. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian