Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunshine Award & finally... 29 Faces in March (whoops I mean Feb) completed!

This is a bit of a long post, you know why(?) because while I have been completing 29 Faces in Feb hosted by the awesome Martha, I haven't had time to post, so strap on your seatbelt, we will be hitting fast forward rushing through a crowd of assorted persons once I 'catch-up' on a couple of call-outs...

Holly, THANK YOU! Winning the Vampire Soiree Giveaway 3 month subscription Full Moon Streaming! Now a nightly dose of caffeine to make the most of it, can't wait, already been prowling the titles & checking the trailers :)

OK March 21st please consider all things Oz (not me, I mean 'Wizard of Oz') and join in Oma's celebration with 'Hues of Oz', always fun and everyone's welcome! See you there!

Now I don't really do awards, like to think they aren't important, but maybe that's just because the trophy unit never exactly housed anything of mine as a child... they never gave out awards for 'slowest' '2nd last' 'sports challenged' back then, in the pool I was a floater rather than a swimmer and... well I'll tell you more by answering 11 Facts you never really wanted or needed to know about me when accepting my 'Sunshine Blogger Award' below... yeah, thanks a heap, Magaly ;) 

Now remember everyone deserves a ray (or 2) of Sunshine, so this Award is open for anyone who wants to share 11 facts about themselves... Nominate YOURSELF, Grab the Award below, wave it around your head like you won an Oscar & give us 11 facts about yourself in your acceptance speech... it's empowering, and those pulled, tucked & pumped actors shouldn't get to be the only ones to grab the spotlight & bore (I mean enlighten) a captive audience with glimpses of their real persona... 

Fact 1
I once owned a 10th of a racehorse, it walked into a tree and never actually got to a racecourse, this was an expense exercise I will never repeat.
Fact 2
I always believed I'd know when I met my soul mate, I did, and somehow we ended up together... (the Big F as he is affectionately called), we are opposites in almost every way, but work live and sleep together, there's arguments, but yep, much to his mothers ire, we have bonded better than any superglue could have... if she is unhappy we are happy, crap, that's just a bonus.
Fact 3
2 people (that happen to be my girls) make my life more awesome than I imagined possible, Memphis & Trinity, I have watched, listened, learnt, travelled, laughed, yelled, hugged & argued with these 2 uniquely smart, empathic & talented individuals and hope to continue to until my hair is grey... actually it could be grey now if I stop dyeing it black ;)
Fact 4
When I was 6 or 7 years old the queen of England visited Australia and the school made us stand & wave as she went by in her fancy car... I must have been born anti-monarchist, I refused to wave & stood front line with my arms crossed LOL, then later hoped I didn't hurt her feelings because she seemed like a nice old lady.
Fact 5
My cousin has just released a book "9/11 & the Art of Happiness" based on his mum, my aunt, who was killed when the plane she was travelling on hit the Pentagon... she was awesome, funny, and my mum's bestie. 
Fact 6 
Started Boxing... I love it, my dad was a boxer before he was a broadcaster/sportscaster and my girls & I have joined (I think it's a nice connection to a pop they never met & would have loved), I can not believe how fit a boxer needs to be to last more than 30 seconds in that ring.
Fact 7
This is freaking harder than I thought!
Fact 8
I love to have a bet, poker, racing, blackjack, love casinos all the humans, in the jumble of colour, noise & activity, a person can still can remain separate, anonymous, an island... taught my girls Blackjack from when they were tots (good for learning counting) and when Trinity turns 18 the 3 of us are heading to the casino in BrisVegas (Big F is NOT a gambler), same table, Blackjack, we are going to clean up - well hoping for $50 maybe $100 bucks each ;)
Fact 9
I decorated all my school books with pictures of greyhounds & racehorses and of course had crushes on jockeys but was like a foot taller than them by the time I was 16 (well platform shoes were in)
Fact 10
My sister Bernice & father Frank died when I was 17, the bank and debt collectors were always at our door, my little brother at the same time was in intensive care. I realised how precious the very few people were that didn't drop my mother as a friend. My grandma, 3 nuns at my school (they were/are awesome women) and a handful of people (including brother & sister's doctors), as all others distanced themselves, people that were 'close' family friends, once my father died and they could no longer benefit from his public status disappeared :( and although my mother would have never asked anyone for any help, they cut her off like she was a leper... if I wasn't born a cynic, I certainly became one at that time. Also makes you aware of what is important in life ;) So don't have time for A-Holes... but all the time in the world for the ones I consider precious people.
Fact 11 
You still here? OK Fact 11... Walking Dead, LOVE IT, Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 1 “30 Days Without An Accident”OK Don't like romance BUT...
I cried when that woman in the forest took Rick back to her husband (to those that don't watch WD just skip this & pretend I write in here a different Fact 11, that I have a phobia about eggs & chickens and would never eat a bird no matter if they put 111 secret herbs & spices on it) OK everyone else, in WD this woman begs "Please help me" she pleads to Rick... she was getting food for her husband, but wasn't strong enough to drag the dead animal back to him to eat, to her husband Eddie, her man that had always looked after her, her beloved that we eventually find out is now just a zombie head in a bag... that she needed to feed... because he had always looked after her... maybe a little messed up, but I thought it was the most touching thing I have seen on TV for a long time... that's a fact.

Now the rest of my 29 Faces... 15 - Creepy Ranga with Blue Eyes

16 - Creepy Ranga with Green Eyes

17 - Flowers in her Hair

18 - Flowers Everywhere

 19-20-21 Family Ties

22 - Mardi Gras

23 - Beauty

24 - The Deep

 25 - Face in the Crowd

26-27 - Cat Woman

28 - Dream On

29 - Gothic Girl & her dolly

Thanks for dropping by... Stay safe, stay happy & hug the ones you love! BTW I will announce the winner of my Vampire's Soiree Giveaway next post!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I didn't bother to go see the Queen either when she was in Winnipeg about 30 years ago. But I happened to be sitting at a bus stop when she went by in the big Bentley. I saw the Royal Wave out the window but I didn't wave back. I have my Peasant Pride, you know.

But it explained why there was no traffic on the street and why the bus was late. They close all the streets she's driven down for security reasons. Thanks, Betty, I was late cuz of you.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Shelle: I adore learning more about you. And you certainly shared deep things about who are and your life. All of these facts make me love you more for the knowing.
You out did yourself with your paintings. 29 faces would be impossible for me. Everytime I paint a face it's the matter how hard I try. I'm Linda one note. But you have such a talent.
Congratulations on the win from the Vampire Soiree and I look forward to seeing what wonder and magic you come up with for Hues of Oz.
Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

marilyn said...

I Love the beauty and darkness of your work. Could I do something like these if I watch Walking Dead ?? ?

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Most of your 11 facts left me speechless--in a good way! It confirms what I already knew...that you are an amazing, strong, talented woman that lives life to its fullest.

Your art is amazing, and Marilyn's thought was also my first...if I soak up WD, will I be able to paint like that?

Robin said...

Wow Shelle! I love all your faces and even more love your life you shared! Wow! You are a strong survivor, and a beautiful woman! I am sure your girls are too!

If I was there with you, forced to watch the procession, I would have been standing next to you, arms crossed/head turned and then commiserating with you about the nice looking lady too.

This was such an awesome post. I need to go back and read/look again as I am sure I may have missed something else wonderful!!! Big hugs!

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Wow! Where to start... Love all your faces, especially 'Gothic Girl and her Dolly!' Squee!

I'm working my way through making a Sunshine post too and they really are monsters to write, aren't they? Haha.

How tragic about your aunt dying on 9/11. I'm so sorry that you went through such a tough time at 17 too. Terrible times like that definitely reveal a lot about human nature and who we can trust and rely on.

I love the 'Walking Dead' too. Ah... nothing says love like finding food for your zombie head husband in a bag. ;)

Faye said...

Wonderful post. I read all of it. I am not a gambler, I don't have any feeling for horses, hope I'm a good mother in law, had 56 years of wonderful married life before losing dh in October. But I did thoroughly enjoy your take on life and your marvelous array of face paintings. I particularly love Beauty, Cat Woman, and Flowers everywhere. Keep up the good work. You have so much talent.

Magic Love Crow said...

Shelle, I love you! You are a beautiful, talented, strong, amazing, caring, loving, kick ass, woman!! Thanks for sharing so much about you, to us! I love your new faces!! Holy!!! They are fantastic!! Big Hugs xoxoxoo

denthe said...

Oh yippie! I'm so glad you finished all 29 faces! I thought I would have to wait a long time before I'd see your wonderful art again :-) They are all so great, I can't even say which one is my favorite.
I read through all of your facts as well. Interesting, funny, and some really sad. Thanks for sharing that part of you ... ♥

Unknown said...

Fantastic faces! And I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who had a lump in my throat watching The Walking Dead.

Jenny said...

Congrats Shelle on your award... loved reading a little about you... and as always... adore your faces... good on you for completing the challenge again... am totally mesmerized by 'the deep'... the shading is fab...

Jenny ♥

JFM said...

Shelle, your artwork is fantastic!!! But then I have known of your fabulous talent for a very long time :))

I enjoyed learning more about one of my best blogging friends! Beautiful "award button",too...

Lots of Hugs

Debi said...

Empty your mail box! the one holding emails! I sent you a Huge Thankyou for visiting me and honored by your kind words, and it came back to me this morning...

Not cause I was lying, but because your mailbox was full!
Can't find you on FB? What a morning.
I admire your style of Art, and attitude! Loved your post,
and would be thrilled to met such a REAL human!
Island Gals are Tons interesting and fun!

Guillaume said...

I wouldn't bother waving to the Queen either, as I am a republican. I love the art, especially the cat woman and and the goth with her doll.

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Where/how did you find it?

Unknown said...

I love the portraits. The are so so different and use wonderful colors.

Unknown said...

I am not one for awards either, but enjoyed reading what a fab person you are. Love those faces too, the eyes are enchanting.

Magaly Guerrero said...

I've never seen a Queen, unless you want to count my cousin Sylvano is is the biggest queen in the world (and so very proud), but if I ever see your Queen I will cross my arms on your behalf. And probably feel a bit bad later because I feel horrible about being rude to old people, even if they deserve it.

I laughed when I read about your 10th of a horse walking into a tree. Yes, I'm a horrible Witch.

I love all the faces, all of them... and, of course, you know I'm extra infatuated with "Gothic Girl & her dolly." I LIKES skullies. ;-D

Mimi said...

i enjoyed reading about your life. I am sorry your family was so badly fractured when you were so young and vulnerable. Sounds like you learned a lot.
That must have been some smart horse!
I think the faces you are painting have improved. They are lovely.

Ms Misantropia said...

I don't understand, I thought I had commented on this post already..?

Well, anyhoo - I loved reading and finding out a little bit more about you. I'm sorry to hear you grew up with so much trouble and loss, but it seems you have made a new home and loving family for yourself now.

Did someone win your giveaway, did I miss it?

Anonymous said...

Oh Shelle, I thoroughly enjoyed this entire post. Yes, I read each and every word! (pearls of wisdom, my lovely friend.)

I am so sorry that your father and sister passed so young and that the world showed it's uglier side when you and your mother needed support and love the most. I'm with you honey. This is an anti-a$$hole zone.

Thank you so much for always sharing the beauty you create. Shelle, Your art and soul just make this world a better place to live in.

All my love to you and those precious girls. Mina

Anne said...

Hi Shelle, Thank you for sharing a little about yourself. It is was indeed an interesting read. Your art as I have told you 100 times; I adore. You are soooooooo talented.

Anne said...

Hi Shelle, Thank you for sharing a little about yourself. It is was indeed an interesting read. Your art as I have told you 100 times; I adore. You are soooooooo talented.

PaintingWrite said...

I've been absent from ppf for the last few months so have missed out on so much going on with the regulars. I was delighted to see you as it's been forever since I've been by here! Your 11 facts were incredibly interesting and very honest-i love that. Apart from 11-don't care for walking dead- I'm more a true blood girl! Your 29 faces are gorgeous-I'd forgotten how much I loved your style of painting. I'm going to add you to my blog lovin list so I don't miss any more in future!

Rhissanna said...

Thank you for the facts (and as soon as I get up to speed I'll nominated myself for the award) and look at what an amazing life you have. And the paintings! Love them! Your Big Eyed faces are more and more haunting each time.

Thank you for coming over to my doll blog and posting such a sweet comment!

Jeannette said...

WOW!Your paintings very,very beautiful,i love the colors and the expressions on the faces,looove it!!

Greetings Jeannette